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Cape Dory Typhoon PETER LENT

This Cape Dory Typhoon is named for lifelong IYC member, Peter Lent. Through Peter's generosity, we now have a classic little yacht available for member use. The s/v Peter Lent will be available to IYC members who have demonstrated the proficiency in handling the boat and who agree to abide by the rules described below.

Check out the restoration of this beautiful boat at http://alvaanne.blogspot.com/

Sailing the Peter Lent

Here are some hints on sailing the Peter Lent.

Rules & Regulations

  1. IYC Members must become Registered Users by demonstrating their competency and good judgement.
  2. To become a Registered User please contact Clare Fewtrell (cmf3@cornell.edu) or David Filiberto (dmfiliberto@gmail.com).
  3. Use is limited to four hours at a time on weekends and holidays
  4. The boat must be signed out online prior to use.  Registered Users click on this link to reserve on calendar.
  5. If you decide not to sail please cancel your reservation.
  6. If you don’t arrive within 30 minutes of your reservation, others may book and sail the boat.
  7. The boat must be returned to its mooring, properly secured, and cleaned.
  8. Dinghy and it's equipment must be returned to storage
  9. Damages or other problems must be reported to Clare Fewtrell or David Filiberto (e-mails above)

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