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Youth Sailing Additional Information

Junior Roasts

The junior roasts are held every Thursday in July and August. Volunteer parent chefs cook hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers provided at a nominal cost including beverage. The hot dogs and burgers are supplemented by dish to pass contributions from parents. The children love it. The roast is followed by games organized by the Waterfront and Sailing staff. A marvelous time for all.

P. S. This is also a good time for parents to have some time off: dinner, a drink or just relax by the lake.

Awards Night

This event is held on the last Junior Roast of the year with awards and certificates presented by the Commodore, Instructors, and Youth Sailing Directors to the children. In addition to Certificates of Completion, awards are made in numerous categories such as sportsmanship, improvement, leadership, team building and excellence. Lots of memories.

  Interclub Regattas   

If you would like your child to take part in these fun regattas, please contact ithacayc.youthsailing@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Transport of kids is generally done by parents, so let us know very soon whether you can help. Kids need to take food and drink with them for lunch and on-water drinks.

In the case of 420's, it is expected that, in general, we will borrow boats from the host club, and will not take our boats unless we are forced to, in order that we can compete.  For the Junior Olympics, parents need to borrow or charter 420's, if available at the host club.  The instructor will take extra club boats, if not available to borrow from the host club, and if these boats are not taken by parents.

Boats will be assigned by the Program Director. No child can assume ownership of a particular club boat. Equally, no parent can take boats without express permission of the Program Director, nor assume ownership of club boats. We will usually send at least one instructor, along with volunteer parents, as a part of the IYC Team. However, if there are very few competitors going to a regatta, for example one boat, then it does not make sense to spare an instructor, who otherwise has other more pressing duties, so we will tailor the instructor support to the needs of the sailor. 

 Ithaca Yacht Club

Website: ithacayc.org
Email: ithacayc.info@gmail.com

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