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Harbors and Docks

Director: Brad Buell
Harbormaster: Brad Buell
Small craft area: Becky Miller
Capital projects: Jesse Miller

For inquiries about slips, moorings, and boat storage, contact the Harbormaster: Harbormaster@IthacaYC.org.

For maps of the docks see the page: Maps of the Club.

Keeping Your Boat at the Club

The Ithaca Yacht Club has a range of options for members' boats, either afloat or on land. If you want to keep your boat at the club, contact the Harbormaster.  Only the Harbormaster can assign slips and members should not allow others to use their slips without permission.  For more information, click one of the buttons below.

The fully equipped marina has slips for boats up to 48 ft. in length.

The moorings at the South Docks are suitable for boats up to 24 ft.

Small Boat Lifts
Lifts for jets skis and small boats can be installed on the North Docks.

Boats on Trailers
Boats on trailers are stored and launched in the hoist area at the South Docks.

Dinghies are stored in the small craft area.

Canoes, Kayaks, qnd Boards
Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailboards are stored in the small craft area.

Lockers are available at no charge.

Winter Storage

Winter storage at the club is available for boats in the marina, boats on trailers in the hoist area, and kayaks, canoes, paddleboards,and sailboards on raised racks in the small craft area.  Other boats should be removed from the club during the winter.

Visiting Boats

Visiting Boats
Slips for short-term stays are provided at the North Docks for visitors who are members of other boating and yacht clubs, and boats visiting for regattas and other events.

Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks

For the safety and convenience of all (and the financial well-being of the club), everybody should read and observe the Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks.

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