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Waiting List, transfers and subletting slips

Slip Waiting List

You do not have to be a member to be on the waiting list, but you must join the club before you can accept a slip at the club. 

To join the waiting list:

  • Send email to the Harbormaster, with a brief description of your boat.
  • Send a check for $100, payable to Ithaca Yacht Club, to the Business Office, at Sciarabba Walker, 410 E. Upland Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850 (BusinessOffice@IthacaYC.org).  Explain that this is a deposit for a slip.  State the length, breadth, and type of your boat. Your deposit will be deducted from your slip rental or can be refunded if you decide not to take a slip or a suitable one is not available.

Slips are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Your application will become official on the day it reaches the IYC office. You will be contacted when your name reaches the top of the list and a slip becomes available.  You do not have to accept a slip assignment when offered, and you will be able to maintain your position on the list until such time as you accept a slip, or ask the Harbormaster to remove your name from the list.

Slip Transfers

If you have a slip in the marina, or a permanent (annually renewable) slip at the North Docks, and wish to move to another slip, send email to the Harbormaster. State the slip size you require, and/or the change of location in the marina.  If appropriate, please identify the desired slip by its letter and number:  e.g., “C-12.”  The Harbormaster will notify you when a slip becomes available that fits your requirements.  Slip transfers take precedence over waiting list and sublet requests.

Subletting a Slip

A member who is not using a slip for a season but wants to retain it for future seasons, should notify the Harbormaster, who will attempt to sublet the slip. Similarly, any member wishing to rent a slip on a temporary basis should notify the Harbormaster. If no one is waiting to rent, a slip holder who finds a member who agrees to sublet the slip, may suggest that member to the Harbormaster.

The slip holder remains responsible for paying all dues (including membership), but if the slip is sublet, any sublet fees will be credited to the slip holder. Members may not sublet their slips for more than two consecutive seasons.

Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks

For the safety and convenience of all (and the financial well-being of the club), everybody should read and observe the Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks.

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