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IYC 420

Photograph by Ken Hearn

The IYC Youth Sailing Program has kindly made one of their 420s available for use by registered club members.  It has a large #1 on the bow. The boat is parked on a dolly at the south end of the shoreline racks. The sails are in a white bag on a rack on the left-hand side of the locker shed, and the gear is in locker #18.

Rules for Sailing the IYC 420

  • IYC Members must become Registered Users by demonstrating their competency and good judgement.
  • To become a Registered User please send a single email to both Keith Rice krice@wingedrabbit.net and Elissa Palmer elissa1917@gmail.com.
  • The 420 may be used only within sight of the IYC flagpole.
  • Check the weather forecast and conditions and sail within your capabilities.  Do not risk a capsize as you will not receive assistance.
  • Users must wear a Personal Floatation Device at all times.
  • This is a two-person boat.  No more than two adults should sail it at any time.
  • Reservations are limited to two hours at a time on weekends and holidays.
  • The boat must be signed out online prior to use.  Registered Users click on this link and edit calendar in separate tab.
  • After sailing, the 420 must be clean and returned to its dolly and allocated space.  The bow should be elevated and the dolly wheels chocked.  The bung on the stern should be removed so that rain water can drain.  The rudder and tiller should be stored in locker #18.  The sails should be bagged and placed back on the rack in the locker shed.
  • Any damage or maintenance needs should be reported to Keith Rice and Elissa Palmer (e-mails above).

 Ithaca Yacht Club

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