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Marina Winter Storage

Photograph by Flying Brick Photography

Marina winter storage

Members can store their boats in the marina from November 1 through April 30 on payment of the winter storage fee (50% of the rate for the previous summer, plus 8% tax). Electricity is charged at the summer rate. 

If you would like to store your boat in the marina over the winter, please contact the Harbormaster mailto:Harbormaster@IthacaYC.org.

  • Winter storage is at the discretion of the Harbormaster and is subject to slip and space availability. The Harbormaster will assign slips in the harbor.
  • All winter slip users must provide the Ithaca Yacht Club with a certificate of insurance for $300,000 of liability coverage.
  • All other Harbors and Docks Rules apply.

Any boats at wet or dry slips, either before the official opening dates, or after the official closing dates, will be charged for winter storage, unless you have notified Harbormaster of the need for extra time, and received written permission for the extra days. Rates are calculated as follows: 1-14 days, 25% of winter storage rates, 15-30 days, 50%, over 30 days, 100%.

Boats on trailers, and kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and sailboards on racks

There are separate instructions for winter storage of boats on trailers, and kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and sailboards on raised racks.

Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks

For the safety and convenience of all (and the financial well-being of the club), everybody should read and observe the Rules for Using the Harbors and Docks.

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